Playing Safely

Many people are concerned about the security of a site before using it but you can play bingo safely online. A reputable bingo site will have a gaming license issued from a recognized jurisdiction. They are all required to follow the strict guidelines and regulations set out by their recognized jurisdiction. All sites are monitored and audited frequently to ensure that the rules are being followed.

Always Check that the site you consider playing at is reputable one check and see that the site uses good security methods. Another way to see if a site is a reputable one is to search for online reviews and see what the public think.

Make sure your own computer  is secure a good anti-virus software program will do the job and remember to keep up with the window updates. Never reveal personal information such as home addresses, full names, or telephone numbers while chatting in a room and always read the terms & conditions and try to make sense of them you may be surprised by some of the terms & conditions!

Try out a Site first

With so many sites to choose from and so many tempting offers  it can be hard to choose, The sites will offer you free cash or free spins just for registering , These are called a no-deposit bonus and offer you the chance to try out the site for free and just to get an overall feel for the site. Other sites will offer you a deposit bonus some can be very generous but again read all your terms & conditions before accepting one of these bonuses.

Customer Services

A bingo site committed will always have a strong customer support team and will make sure that your inquiries are quickly answered! How to contact support can usually be found easily enough at the bingo site you are using. Some bingo sites have support  staff that are available 24/7 others may provide live support or email and even telephone as options to choose from.


Please do choose your bingo site wisely,  keep safe an secure and have fun!